Projects Past, Present and Future

Over the past thirty years Glenn has initiated and/or supported a large number of humanitarian and cultural projects in Nepal, Mongolia, India and Tibet. Funds for these were raised from various individuals and organizations, including the Shelley and Don Rubin Foundation, the Hansen Foundation, and The Canada Fund.

This began in the mid 1980s, when he worked with Hilary Shearman and Ganden Relief in Canada to encourage Canadian drug companies to donate second and third line tuberculosis drugs for the Tibetan refugee community in South India. Later it expanded to include various aid projects for various monasteries in India, including Gyumey, Gyuto, Drepung and Sera monasteries.

After visiting Mongolia in 2004, Glenn became involved in several dozen projects there. These included the following: finding donations of warm clothes for street children during the winter; funding for computers to be given to promising college students; finding several college tuition grants; getting a grant from the Rubin Foundation to photograph the Buddhist collection in the Zanabazar Nation Museum, and also to update their computer system; organizing and finding funding for three different visits of Mongolian lamas to America; organizing and finding funding for a half dozen exhibits of contemporary Mongolian Buddhist art in the US; finding sponsorship for several Mongolian monks and nuns wanting to do long retreats; finding funds for the publication of various books in Mongolian, and the translation of several books from Mongolian and their publication in English.

Perhaps the most exciting of the Mongolia projects was the effort to assist the elderly and very wonderful Prof. Bira restore the house where the great Russian born New York artist Nicholas Reorich had lived and painted in Ulaanbaatar during the mid 1920s. Roerich was the first Buddhist to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (1929). Here are links to a few of the videos made during that process:–

Restoring the Roerich House, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Roerich House Opening, Mongolia


If you wish to get involved in any of Glenn’s present projects, write to him at He is presently raising funds for a green house organic farming project.